Event Dragging & Resizing

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Touch Support
Since version 2.7.0, FullCalendar has improved support on touch devices. Touch support is also available in Scheduler v1.3.0 and later. Touch support includes:
Determines whether the events on the calendar can be modified.
Allow events' start times to be editable through dragging.
Allow events' durations to be editable through resizing.
Time it takes for an event to revert to its original position after an unsuccessful drag.
The opacity of an event while it is being dragged.
Whether to automatically move scroll containers during event drag-and-drop or while selecting.
Determines if events on the calendar, when dragged and resized, are allowed to overlap each other.
Limits event dragging and resizing to certain windows of time.
For touch devices, the amount of time the user most hold down before an event becomes draggable or a date becomes selectable.
eventDragStart (callback)
Triggered when event dragging begins.
eventDragStop (callback)
Triggered when event dragging stops.
eventDrop (callback)
Triggered when dragging stops and the event has moved to a different day/time.
eventResizeStart (callback)
Triggered when event resizing begins.
eventResizeStop (callback)
Triggered when event resizing stops.
eventResize (callback)
Triggered when resizing stops and the event has changed in duration.