FullCalendar 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 has been released. It contains some highly-demanded features:

See the changelog for a full list of changes.

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Fantastic! Thanks for the great work.

  • Ssu

    I have some question,I see the Fullcalendar Demo from Google Calendar but I can’t see the event on the Google Calendar

  • Thanks a lot for this GREAT project it help us a lot !
    Do you think you will integarte te sressource day plug-in in the future version

    Olivier Mosberg

  • Hernan Tavella

    It help us a lot in a very importan proyect. Thanks.

  • Sajjad

    hi, can anyone clarify me that , whether i can use multiple objects on business hours .

    I have some shifts for employees , i want to show business hours like

    8 -> 12 (one shift : business hour)

    14 -> 20 (second shift : business hour)

    var businessHours =

    [{“start”: ’08:00:00′, // a start time (10am in this example)

    “end”: ’12:00:00′, // an end time (6pm in this example)

    “dow”: [1, 2, 3, 4]

    },{“start”: ’14:00:00′, // a start time (10am in this example)

    “end”: ’20:00:00′, // an end time (6pm in this example)

    “dow”: [1, 2, 3, 4]}];

    its not working , showing default business hours ..

    any one can help me out

  • ajmal nasar

    Thanks for the great work. I need some help with full calendar 2.2.5 and IE 8
    I am using jquery-1.11.2.min.js. All browsers render it perfectly the only problem is with IE 8. All the days of a month show up in one row. I have enclosed the image. Any help would be appreciated. The events are being rendered through json.


    • sethbienek

      Love all of the great updates in the new releases. I can confirm there are huge issues in IE8 that will unfortunately prevent us from upgrading at this time. 🙁

    • I just released v2.3.0, which addresses many IE8 issues including the one you describe.

  • Kiril Tanushev

    Hi Adam, I use your fullcalendar plugin and I want to suggest something. When I select or unselent some cell, “renderFill” method append every time new html table tag with style background upon the existing one, and every reclick on cell it appends new tag. This ends up with meny identical html element one on top of the other. Maybe it makes sense, but I don`t get it.
    I would make additional class selector and when click on the cell I would add this selector to the element. When click on other element this selector will be removed.

  • Dylan Riley

    This isn’t a bug or a feature just a question so I didn’t know where to post it. I guess I will post here.

    If the JavaScript date object hates hyphens, why do you guys use them??? I.e. in the data-date attribute you have: data-date=”YYYY-MM-DD”.

    Besides that this is an amazing plug-in and I have recommended it to everyone I talk to.

    • It’s because it follows the ISO8601 date format standard

      • Dylan Riley

        That makes perfect sense. I know I can use Date.parse() instead of new Date() to get around hyphen issues.

        Thanks for the reply.

  • Fischmuetze

    Hi there. Thank you for this great solution. Wonderful! The thing that I am hard missing is to colorize the background of the weekends. I wonder why there is no option nor class in the css to colorize the weekend days or setup the work week days… Any way: thank you!

  • Rumes takes

    I need to show 60 days in one view can i do it with fullcalander?.

  • Juan Aguirre

    I just want to ask if this version has Year view by default? I know there is a 3rd party plugin for this but it doesn´t work with the event limit and I really need it.

  • Hi All, Need help from you guys. I am using fullcalendar for my client project and have implemented many things by customizing the plugin. Am struck at some point(Pls refer screenshot). Please provide me your valuable inputs

  • Yuyao Huang

    thanks very much for this great project.
    but i have a question here, can i set a event’s allDay by false, and do not display the time before event title at the same time, there are some complex reason for this.

  • Serban Jinga

    Hi Adam,

    Amazing work with Fullcalendar there. Is a great feature. Many thanks for your work.

    Do you think you will release the vertical resource view as a feature for Fullcalendar 2 soon?

    maybe can you suggest me an alternative? I tried to simulate the
    vertical columns as multiple calendars (next to each other) and
    synchronised with a main calendar. The next/prev buttons are
    controlling all the calendars but this ugly solutions is damn slow 🙁


  • John Vincent Cuenca

    I want to display 5 resources and scroll horizontally for the other resources. How can I modify the css?

  • Jose Patino

    sorry i have a problem, i dont know, how used multi user in 2.2.5
    help me please