Do you want to help the FullCalendar project move forward? FullCalendar has become rather popular over the past few years and there is a lot to be done. Any time and effort you are willing to contribute is greatly appreciated! Here are the ways you can contribute:

Answering StackOverflow Questions

FullCalendar has a lot of configuration options and some complex behavior, and often times people need help achieving what they want. FullCalendar uses StackOverflow as a support forum. If you have experience with FullCalendar, answering other peoples’ questions is a great way to contribute.

Visit the StackOverflow fullcalendar tag

Issue Tracker Triage

The issue tracker gets submissions that are often not very useful in their initial form. They need to be fleshed out in some way:

The goal is to make every issue actionable, so that its need is established and its implementation clear.

If you know what you’re doing with issue triage, and would like to contribute, please contact me and I’ll set you up with the correct permissions.

Writing Code

The project welcomes bugfixes and features. Instructions for contributing code »

Improving the Docs

The documentation needs some love, especially with providing examples. An official process is not yet in place, but if you are interested in helping at some point, please contact me.