Reporting Bugs

Do you think something is broken with FullCalendar’s existing behavior? If so, please carefully follow these steps for reporting a bug:

Step 1: Post a reduced test case

A bug cannot be fixed if it cannot be recreated on the project dev’s end. A link to a bug recreation with your application-specific code stripped out, known as a “Reduced Test Case”, is absolutely manditory of you want your bug fixed.

How to create a reduced test case »

Copy-and-pasted blocks of code that are not runnable are NOT acceptable.

Step 2: Describe the bug

Please describe the correct desired behavior and how the buggy behavior differs from that. Please describe, in detail, the exact steps that are needed to reproduce the bug.

Screenshots are extremely helpful. For bugs that require complicated user interaction, please post a recorded video screencast if possible.

Step 3: Use the issue tracker

At this point, anyone should be able to open up your JSFiddle demonstration, read your description, and reproduce your bug in less than 1 minute!!!

If this is true, please move on to the appropriate issue tracker. Please enter only one bug per issue and do not combine issues.

FullCalendar Standard
Issue tracker »
Scheduler Add-on
Issue tracker »

It is a good idea to search through the list to see if someone has already reported your bug. If so, vote with a thumbsup reaction on the topmost description of the issue (help) and press the Subscribe button to receive updates when progress is made.