DISCLAIMER: this roadmap is subject to change.

This roadmap loosely tracks the future release spreadsheet.


  • FullCalendar v6
    • Fix installation-related bugs
    • Web Component package
    • Better Vue support
    • Drop IE11 support
  • Temporal-Polyfill bugfix release, supports environments without BigInt
  • Temporal website, a guide to the new spec, how to use the polyfill
  • Design an layout-grid component, a powerful abstraction for future calendar views
  • Begin hiring developer to write layout-grid
  • Monorepo refactor
  • FullCalendar plugin for Temporal


  • Temporal-Polyfill v1 stable release
  • FullCalendar v7
    • Year view (rendered as 12 mini-calendars)
    • Tailwind theme plugin
    • Hijri and Jalaali calendar systems
    • Internal use of Temporal, date-related refactor
    • Internal state-management refactor
  • Basic layout-grid abstraction (no row/col virtualization)

Q1 (2023)

  • FullCalendar v8
    • CSS refactor (better use of flexbox)
    • Advanced effects like swiping and dragging between months and views
    • Internal use of new layout-grid abstraction
      • better accessibility
      • better responsive views
  • Advanced layout-grid with row/col virtualization
  • Automated test refactor