DISCLAIMER: this roadmap is subject to change.

This roadmap loosely tracks FullCalendar Planning spreadsheet. FullCalendar bugfixes, minor features, and performance improvements and will be released throughout each quarter.

2024 - Q3

  • FullCalendar v7
    • DOM restructure & CSS refactor to leverage flexbox, eliminating <table> markup
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Fully responsive views (except resource-timeline for now)
    • resource-timeline view virtual rendering for resources (not time axis just yet)
  • Website
    • Searchable docs (#4196)
    • Refactor docs to use same metaframework as top-level site (#6221)
    • Dark mode for website
    • Improved demos page
  • temporal-polyfill
    • Update to latest spec (July 2024)
    • New website (a guide to the spec, how to use the polyfill)

2024 - Q4

  • FullCalendar v7.5
    • Resource grouping in vertical resource views
    • Virtual rendering for dates/times/events in all views
    • resource-timeline view full responsiveness
    • Highlight cells on hover
    • Infinite scroll while scrolling through dates (not resource list just yet)
    • Advanced accessibility interactions (roving tab index, date select)
  • Examples
    • Examples for various UI frameworks, toolbar customization (MUI, Chakra, Mantine, etc)
    • Examples for creating resource pagination in resource-timeline view (stopgap for #4831)
    • react-native-calendars adapter or DX utilities (stopgap for #7076)
  • Website
    • Improved responsiveness for all pages
    • Improved look & feel for docs

2025 - Q1

  • FullCalendar v8
    • Internal data refactor to leverage (P)react state instead of unweildy OOP data stores
    • Internal usage of temporal-polyfill (eliminates need for timezone plugins)
    • Hijri and Jalaali calendar systems
    • TypeScript definition improvements
    • Restore dual rendering for React/Preact
    • Leverage HTML Drag and Drop API instead of home-grown solution
    • Infinite scroll with while scrolling through resources in resource-timeline view
    • Resource pagination for resource-timeline view

2025 - Q2

  • FullCalendar v9
    • Swipe/sliding effect when navigating prev/next
    • Navigate prev/next when dragging event to edges
    • Full separation of calendar state from view layer, enabling:
      • Real Vue/Angular components as opposed to an embedded Preact adapters
      • Svelte/SolidJS implementations that match each framework's impressive speed
      • Idiomatic APIs tailored for each UI framework
      • Headless UI library (TBD)

2025 - Q3

  • FullCalendar v10
    • Building on the refactoring from v9, a React Native component (TBD)