DISCLAIMER: this roadmap is subject to change.

This roadmap loosely tracks the future release spreadsheet. FullCalendar maintenance releases will occur throughout each quarter.

Q4 (2023)

  • Temporal polyfill v1 stable release
  • Temporal website: a guide to the new spec, how to use the polyfill

Q1 & Q2 (2024): FullCalendar v7

  • Layout-grid abstraction
    • improved accessibility
    • improved responsive views
    • row/col virtualization
    • rewritten CSS with flexbox/grid
  • Data-layer refactor
    • Hijri and Jalaali calendar systems
    • Internal use of Temporal for dates/times
  • More integrations
    • Svelte
    • Solid JS
    • Theme systems: Tailwind UI, Daisy UI, MUI, and more