The Docs Have Been Redesigned

After years of accumulating dozens and dozens of new articles and settings and essentially resembling one huge wall of poorly-organized links, the documentation page has been refactored to be more approachable for first-time users of the project. The index of the documentation page now sports an array of illustrations that abstractly depict each given feature. You can click into each section to see the child articles.

Visit the new docs page »

However, if you’ve grown accustomed to the old documentation and prefer one huge table-of-contents, then move your mouse on over to this icon:

This will convert the docs page into a hierarchy of links, all accessible from a single page. Upon subsequent visits to the docs, the site will remember your preference. The groupings of each article are different than before, so apologies if it requires a bit of relearning.

We plan to implement a search feature, probably with Algolia. Until then, please make due with your browser’s Cmd/Ctl+F functionality on the table-of-contents page.

Best of all, there are more interactive demos with runnable source-code, which can be edited in CodePen. The end-goal is to make runnable code samples available for every single setting, and we’re off to a good start. The demos are listed on the right hand side of each section and are linked-to from various sub-articles.

Visit a docs section with demos along the right side »

The docs are hosted in a GitHub repo. Contributions are more than welcome!

Please leave a comment with your reactions and suggestions for the new docs. We would love to hear how we can make them better!

Update (March 10th): based on feedback, the “hierarchy of links”, the mode for powerusers, has been redesigned to fit more links on the page. See this screenshot:

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Ifan Iqbal

    first comment 😀

  • vinay mor

    ‘monthView’ is not a valid option on It should be ‘month’

  • Conor Hawkins

    As someone who just started using FullCalendar last week, the new layout makes it much easier for me to find what I’m looking for. Nice work!

  • Joseph Proffitt

    Did you add a way to reverse the listYear View so that the most recent is on top?

  • Claus Bo

    Nice new layout 🙂

  • Karl McCartney

    Thumbs down sorry.

    Full calendar is a great tool, and have been able to pretty much get everything to work that I needed in a full fledge angular calendar app. (external drag drop with angular5 yet to figure out).

    These docs might be good for newbies, who don’t know anything else.

    But I have spent the past couple of months in the old docs format. And they were great! This is a step backwards, Broken down an already good breakdown into even smaller chunks and then spread the layout out so it is harder to see all the methods at once, with less before the fold and requires more scrolling. Is more painful for old power user especially when at the point end of a project.

    Also visiting a topic from the toc view, then Back action to the toc has to for some reason have go thru the illustrations view…

    I found the old docs ‘poorly organised wall’ easy and very quick to use and actually logically grouped.

    Is there any way to get back to the ‘poorly organised wall’ for us dinosaurs, please?

    I would have suggested that putting more examples in the topic pages which are a bit thin a alternative use of documentation time. That has been where I have spent time trying to figure out how to do something. (Where there are examples these are generally very good).

    • Hi Karl, thanks for your feedback. I’ve redesigned that screen to make better use of space and to fit more above the fold. Please take a look. I’m still convinced the new groupings are more intuitive and will allow for more settings in the future, so they’re going to stay. When you hit the back button, the behavior you see is by design. I’m essentially considering them two separate page states that each take up an entry in the browser’s history.

      • Karl McCartney

        I am trying to use the new toc view and give it a chance, but it isn’t growing on me as not as good as the old one. The problem for me is to many groups and GUI parts in the toc view which make it harder to quickly scan for properties and methods. I view this on a 24inch monitor which I have in setup in portrait and new toc is two complete screens now.
        I don’t this feedback to be truly taken onboard as your invested in the changes and are passionate about the new look. For me the end experience is not as good as the old for finding and getting to docs. I find myself trying to get the the docs using google now rather than as I did from the old toc.
        As I have said before the fullcalendar package is great and very powerful. But the new docs format make it slower to solve problems or find new features (for me). Both old and new are better than msdn side tree style. but the old was brilliantly easy to use.

      • Karl McCartney

        Has the TOC view colors been reversed? E.g. in the old was the headers the light blue and the properties and methods black. I think there is something to the light blue on white making it hard to scan the properties and methods.

    • actually, i think i understand what you’re saying about the back button / illustrations view. a bug that i will fix…

      • Karl McCartney

        It shows for like a second. Very noticeable and every time I got to the toc. Also it happens on the Docs link too. It is annoys me as I am middle aged (so these things do) and I don’t have as many seconds left to waste with load times as the younger generation … also I don’t get the point of the illustrations view for developers who need to read, and who the docs should be targeted for.