Current Date

The initial date displayed when the calendar first loads.
Whether or not to display a marker indicating the current time.
Sets the exact date range that is visible in a view.
Limits which dates the user can navigate to and where events can go.
How far into the future/past the calendar navigates when prev/next is executed.
Determines the first visible day for a Custom or Generic view.
Sets the exact duration of a Custom or Generic view.
Sets the exact number of days displayed in a Custom or Generic view, regardless of weekends or hiddenDays.
prev (method)
Moves the calendar one step back (either by a month, week, or day).
next (method)
Moves the calendar one step forward (either by a month, week, or day).
prevYear (method)
Moves the calendar back one year.
nextYear (method)
Moves the calendar forward one year.
today (method)
Moves the calendar to the current date.
gotoDate (method)
Moves the calendar to an arbitrary date.
incrementDate (method)
Moves the calendar forward/backward an arbitrary amount of time.
getDate (method)
Returns a Moment for the current date of the calendar.