View Option Hash

View Option Hashes have been removed in v3. Please use View-Specific Options instead.

A way to specify options on a per-view basis.

This is specified as an object with key/value pairings. The key tells FullCalendar that the specified option value should only be applied to certain views.

View Option Hashes work for options like dragOpacity, titleFormat, columnFormat, timeFormat, and many more.

Here is how you target certain views:

    month:      // month view
    week:       // basicWeek & agendaWeek views
    day:        // basicDay & agendaDay views

    agenda:     // agendaDay & agendaWeek views
    agendaDay:  // agendaDay view
    agendaWeek: // agendaWeek view

    basic:      // basicWeek & basicDay views
    basicWeek:  // basicWeek view
    basicDay:   // basicDay view

    'default':  // when no other properties match

So for example, if you wanted to dragOpacity to be .2 for month view, but .5 for all other views, here is what your FullCalendar initialization code would look like:

    dragOpacity: {
        month: .2,
        'default': .5