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License & SupportStandardPremiumOEM
License termsMIT license
FullCalendar's standard features are released under an
open-source MIT license.Read the full license
Stock commercial license
FullCalendar Premium is most commonly licensed under a
commercial license, but there are additional options for
non-commercial and open-source use.More information
Customizable license terms
Number of developers
Developers working with FullCalendar Premium's
source code, JavaScript API, or customizing CSS.
Email support2 tickets per monthUnlimited
Response time48 hours24 hours
Source code editingOnly non-premium featuresFull accessFull access
More information below ↓
Only non-premium featuresMinified redistributionFull redistribution
Hundreds of standard features
All the features in the documentation
that are NOT marked as Premium
Connectors for React/Vue/Angular
Timeline View
Vertical Resource View
Printer-friendly rendering
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which developers should I buy licenses for?
If a developer is either writing code that interacts with FullCalendar Premium's API in any way, writing CSS to style the calendar, or editing FullCalendar Premium's source code, they will need a developer seat.
If one developer is replaced by another, do I need to buy more licenses?
No, each developer represents a seat and is not linked to a specific individual. We kindly ask that you purchase additional developer seats as your team grows.
Can a license be used on multiple projects?
Yes, a license can be used across multiple projects within the same company.
Are prices one-time? Or are they recurring?
Renewing your license each year is highly encouraged. It allows you to upgrade to newer versions and receive email support. However, if you stop renewing, you may perpetually use the last version released before your license expired.
What is the cost of renewing?
If you renew before your license expires, you’ll receive a 50% discount off the base price. If you renew after, you’ll only receive a 25% discount off the base price. The “base price” is defined as the price of the same or equivalent license near the time of the expiration date.
What payment methods do you accept?
Credit card is preferred, but we also accept wire transfers for larger payments.


If you build sites or applications for companies other than your own, these are considered “clients”. The licensing for clients depends on whether you allow them to edit the source code...
If you do NOT allow source code editing,
you only need a single FullCalendar Premium license in your company's name. You must deliver the project to your client with minified JS/CSS.

Buy Premium

If you DO allow source code editing,
you must purchase individual FullCalendar Premium licenses for each client. If you have numerous clients, an OEM license might be more economical.

Inquire about OEM