Do you want to help the FullCalendar project move forward? FullCalendar has become rather popular over the past few years and there is a lot to be done. Any time and effort you are willing to contribute is greatly appreciated! Here are the ways you can contribute:

Answering StackOverflow Questions

FullCalendar has a lot of configuration options and some complex behavior, and often times people need help achieving what they want. FullCalendar uses StackOverflow as a support forum. If you have experience with FullCalendar, answering other peoples' questions is a great way to contribute.

Visit the StackOverflow fullcalendar tag

Writing Code

The project welcomes bugfixes and features. Instructions for contributing code »

There are two particular projects needing attention: removing jQuery as a dependency and converting the codebase to TypeScript. More information »

Issue Tracker Triage

The issue tracker gets submissions that are often not very useful in their initial form. They need to be fleshed out in some way:

  • A bug that is not fully reproducable. The submitter needs help following the bug report instructions.
  • A feature request that is not sufficiently described, according to the feature request instructions
  • A report that already exists and should be marked as "Duplicate". This is not as easy as it sounds, as there are hundreds of issues!
  • An issue that is not really an issue and should be marked as "Invalid". Example: a question that should be asked on StackOverflow instead.

The goal is to make every issue actionable, so that its need is established and its implementation clear.

A paid position is available »

Improving the Docs

The documentation needs some love, especially with providing examples. A paid position is available »