FullCalendar 1.5.2 Released

This release contains just one bugfix (issue 750), which involves parsing ISO8601 dates.I know FullCalendar updates have been few and far between recently, but I promise there are some cool stuff in the works.

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Romeo Iula

    Very glad to hear that things are still moving along and I’m quite excited to see what is in store!

  • beanpole

    thanks for your time putting this together. i am trying to integrated it into a http://orchardproject.net. I’ll let you know how I go if I ever work out the how the cms works.
    I have a question for you though and that is, is dragging from one calendar to another in the works?

  • Girish Wakure

    while loading calendar I get data using ajax Action Call(Json)

    eg. http://localhost:8080/getCalendarJsonAction.html?_=1314005883184&start=1313260200&end=1313865000

    I want to know what are start and end values?
    I want to convert them into dates for limiting data


  • Girish Wakure

    got it.
    It was a silly question

    • Deepti

      Can you tell me how you got start and end values. Actually i m trying to do the following
      var calView = $(“#calendarDiv”).fullCalendar(‘getView’);
      var startDate= calView.start;

      header: {
      left: ‘prev,next’,
      center: ‘title’,
      right: ‘month,basicDay’
      editable: false,

      events: function(start, end, callback) {
      //alert(‘Inside 15 ‘ +start);

      url: ‘/cmlui/calendar/calendarevent’,
      dataType: ‘json’ ,
      data: {
      // our hypothetical feed requires UNIX timestamps
      start: Math.round(start.getTime() / 1000),
      end: Math.round(end.getTime() / 1000),

      but it fails

  • raffy

    is there a way to use a pop up window pointing to images instead of url?

    • i would like to know the same did you ever get an working as a pop up

  • Guss

    Maybe with a “Year view” ?

  • anton

    arshaw thank you in advance for sharing your calendar code. I’ve been using fullcalendar-1.5.2.zip you on my website and modules that I use is the agenda-views.html am having a little problem and ask help from you. the code

    title: ‘Click for Google’,
    start: new Date (2011.11, 28),
    end: new Date (2011, 11, 29),
    url: ‘http://google.com/’

    I want to when the link (url) in the click it will open a new window with a size of 500×500, I’ve tried almost a week but did not find the results, I beg all of your help because my project is concerned with the company.


  • starsdust

    happy to hear this

  • Adso da Melk

    nice work!

    One question: why i cannot use Week e Day view while using a JSON source?

  • Eric Crane

    I got the two-week view going – with ‘next’ and ‘previous’ working as well (The stack overflow answer (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6420200/display-2-weeks-in-jquery-fullcalendar)
    only deals with the rendering, and does not set up start, visStart, end, etc. dates properly.)

    here is my code, it’s ugly, but it works:

    function TwoWeeksView(element, calendar) {
    var t = this;

    // exports
    t.render = render;

    // imports
    BasicView.call(t, element, calendar, ‘month’);
    var opt = t.opt;
    var renderBasic = t.renderBasic;
    var formatDate = calendar.formatDate;

    function render(date, delta) {
    if (delta) {
    //addMonths(date, delta);
    addDays(date, delta * 14);
    //var start = cloneDate(date, true);
    var start = addDays(cloneDate(date), -((date.getDay() – opt(‘firstDay’) + 7) % 7));
    var end = addDays(cloneDate(start), 14);

    var visStart = cloneDate(start);
    //var visStart = date;

    var visEnd = cloneDate(end);
    var firstDay = opt(‘firstDay’);
    var nwe = opt(‘weekends’) ? 0 : 1;
    if (nwe) {
    skipWeekend(visEnd, -1, true);

    addDays(visStart, -((visStart.getDay() – Math.max(firstDay, nwe) + 7) % 7));
    addDays(visEnd, (7 – visEnd.getDay() + Math.max(firstDay, nwe)) % 7);
    var rowCnt = Math.round((visEnd – visStart) / (DAY_MS * 7));

    // if (opt(‘weekMode’) == ‘fixed’) {
    // addDays(visEnd, (6 – rowCnt) * 7);
    //rowCnt = 6;
    rowCnt = 2;
    // }
    //t.title = formatDate(start, opt(‘titleFormat’));
    t.title = formatDates(
    addDays(cloneDate(visEnd), -1),
    t.start = start;
    t.end = end;
    t.visStart = visStart;
    t.visEnd = visEnd;
    renderBasic(3, rowCnt, nwe ? 5 : 7, true);

  • Need to disable past dates and some particular dates in future. is there any option available to do this in fullCaledar 1.5.2


  • luis

    I need to get my outlook events, this can be done?

  • Goran

    Thank you for your time put into this great calendar!
    Here’s a question out of the blue: are there any plans to add quarterly and yearly views to the calendar?

  • Melvin

    Having problem displaying time correctly in date. when i insert 11/12/2011T12:00:00 to mysql database the calendar dont display the event but if i put 11/12/2011 it display the event starting at 12a its not leting me choose a time of date or end time.
    any help!

  • Hello Adam! Thanks for sharing such good tool!

    Gotta a question on event rendering… don’t know if it’s possible:

    – can I have a “floating event”?
    Like, I’d like to show schedule allocation on a calendar (like a dentist working hours)… the working schedule is just a layer above the calendar, and should not interfere on current appointments.

    In terms of fullcalendar: can I have an event that doesn’t shrink when others go on the same time?

    Cheers! 😀

  • Rekha

    How to remove an existing event?

  • Great tool, exactly what we needed.

    BUG: Setting “title” to null (using c#) causes no appointments to show up on calendar. Setting to “” (empty string) works fine.

    REQUEST: Ability to turn on a “red line” like Google indicating the current time of day on week agenda and day agenda views.

  • i am uneble to customize calendars.min.js
    these variables

    and i want to put values in these variable
    through my databse table

  • Babak

    Have you noticed a bug where two instances of the same event are displayed on the calendar when you add an event on “Select:” callback method?

    Here is how it happens: I add an event in month view, forward to next month and go back, then I see two events in the same day with the same ID.


  • Babak

    My bad, the “renderEvent” method should not stick the newly added event to the calendar, that causes duplicate events to appear on the calendar. The documentation says differently though.

  • Pedrix

    looks like a great plugin. Just one question about it: is it W3C-WAI AA compliant? Is a requirement from my customer

  • chricao

    A great job! Does fullCalendar support jQuery 1.71?

    • Looks like it does. I just upgraded to 1.7.1 a few minutes ago. Make sure that if you’re using jquery UI, though, that you upgrade that as well, otherwise things won’t work properly (like the drag/drop functionality, etc.) =)

  • Curious to know how things are going on the new release… I want to hear what’s going on!

  • Thank you for this perfect plugin Adam. Its exactly what I was after for a project I’m working on, that has a tight deadline. I’ll be donating to you for sure. Well done and thanks for creating the perfect plugin.

  • Here is a video showing how to make your calendar public and obtain the XML Feed URL.


    Thanks for the awesome calendar!


  • Leandro

    How do I set limit events? Adding a link read more

  • umashankar

    events one event one color another event another color is it possible how can u explain with example

  • sakthi


    could you please help me to use agendaMonth view. Need slotMinute option for month view. How to do that?

    Thanks in Advance


  • Manjunatha

    Great Plugin!.

    I want to display hours on top and days on left is there any way to do that?

  • may

    how can i do if need to show time but using an external
    events: “json-events.php”,

    json-events.php —————————————————-
    $year = date(‘Y’);
    $month = date(‘m’);
    echo json_encode(array(

    ‘id’ => 111,
    ‘title’ => “Papa nit Dog Pony Show”,
    ‘start’ => “$2012-$08-08-T12:00:00”,
    ‘url’ => “http://yahoo.com/”



  • vijay

    How to display end time of an event ? am just getting start time of event.

  • thanks for your time putting this together. i am trying to integrated it

  • Very like your calendar dude.

  • I really love this application! Just keep us updated. Thank you very much!

  • So, do you already have the updates for FullCalendar? Hope you can post them as soon as possible! Thanks!

  • Your blog template was so nice I decided to make a Weebly account too.