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  • Hey Adam! Great calendar, we really depend on it in our software Airtime at Sourcefabric! and thanks for this newest update, I just realized fullcalendar 1.5.2 was having problems with jquery 1.7.1 tonight. I was wondering though, the new resize animation of an event in week/day mode does not seem to be as good as before. Is there a way I can change this to behave like the previous version?


  • Stefan

    Excellent news!
    I in no way want to question your work since it is absolutley top-notch, but have you considered developing the community around fullcalendar and accepting patches for inclusion into fullcalendar? Maybe it could even be an Apache project?

  • Hi Adam, I’m a little confused on how to instal the files. I followed your directions with the code, but the calendar just isnt showing up. I’m thinking I might have put the files in the wrong place?

  • david simmons

    The Calendar looks great. How can I alert the dayClick and format the date mm-dd-yyyy. The documentation does make sense …. Need an example really bad….

  • Daniel Barde

    Am trying to use php to select a list of event dates from the database but how can i loop through them all and echo the json? pls help this is urgent.

    • I made my code like this:

      foreach ($rent->getRentBySn($_SESSION[‘this_device’]->sn) as $each)
      $dateStart = calendarDate($each[‘start_date’]);
      $dateFinish = calendarDate($each[‘finish_date’]);
      $color = colorDate($each[‘start_date’],$each[‘finish_date’]);
      $events[] = array(
      ‘id’ => $each[‘id’],
      ‘title’ => “Rent ID: ” . $each[‘id’] . ” – ” . $each[‘place’],
      ‘start’ => $dateStart,
      ‘end’ => $dateFinish,
      ‘color’ => $color

  • Man, am here to do some congrats about the fullcalendar, you do a great job with this… Very, very configurable… excelent job!!!!

  • Arnab Bose

    How can we get full Year calendar? I mean all months together.

  • Parvez

    hey adam i want to store events on ms sql and want to store in calender how should i do plz help ……….

    • Santiago

      If you find out how to do that please tell me

  • Santiago

    Hi!! First of all, great job. I’ve been studying your Documentation and I am trying to remove and event. I had success with this but the problem is that after removing one or more events, when I create another event, the old events, which I have already deleted, show up again. Could you help me please??
    Thank you so much!!

  • NIck

    Any chance you’ll add in a mouse over for the days and not just the events?

  • Daniel Barde

    Supposing am getting the dates for an event from a database in what format should my event date be am thinking.

    start: 2012-03-29, 08:00am, end: 2012-03-30, 08:00am, allday: false,

    it does not recognize the end date and the time for the event

    Am i doing the wrong thing?

    please help out asap!

  • Daniel Barde

    Supposing am getting the dates for an event from a database in what format should my event date be am thinking.
    start: 2012-03-29, 08:00am,
    end: 2012-03-30, 08:00am,
    allday: false,

    it does not recognize the end date and the time for the event
    Am i doing the wrong thing?
    please help out asap!

  • Thanks for the great calendar! I love the fact that it is so easy to use and does everything I want.

  • Freddy

    Hi Adam,

    Great calendar plugin. I would like to integrate into a jquery mobile app. Therefore you need some resizing properties, depending on the screen of IOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android, landscape or portrait…?

    Do you have a general adjustment to do this?

    Thx, Freddy

  • I am trying to use this calendar, but I can not get it to view on Firefox from my web page. Any suggestions, btw, I am rather new at this. 🙁 So any sort of help would be helpful.

  • Anwar

    This is a great calender. Do you have any plans of adding a agenda view to this?

  • jairo

    hi first let me congratulate you on such a great job with the schedule will be very helpful … let me know and if anyone can give me a hand how to use it with ajax … if I could help with some example …. thank you very much.

  • could u please update .fullCalendar(‘revetchEvents’) -> .fullCalendar(‘refetchEvents’, start, end) OR .fullCalendar(‘refetchEvents’, time, <month|week|day>)

  • Alexander

    how can i catch a moments: before prev/next click AND after

  • Pritika

    nice work. I am thinking of using this plugin for my next prjoect. But its little bit different from the full calendar in a way that I have to design a scheduler board which will be used to plan jobs for resources in a company i.e. the timeline should be horizontal and list of resources to be vertical..any idea how can I change the code in this plugin to achieve the desired result?

  • charles

    Thanx for the amazing application. Is there a way I can make it a view only calendar?

  • I love the callendar.
    I have two questions
    Can I make the cell show a vertical scroll bar if the content exceeded the height of the cell.
    another question
    If I have an event is it possible instead of stretching the display of the even to show the event only on the start date and end date cells

  • Hi Adam,

    You have done awesome work…. thanks for your calendar jquery library.

    I have one question for you…
    How can we allow only one event at perticular time in calendar…?
    for example,
    if i have already have an even on 10:00 am…. so next event should not be get added on the same time.

    Thank you
    Madhav Palshikar

  • ajoli123

    Hi, is there a way to have basic events and drag and drop functionality together…
    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Can anyone help me with integration of this calendar in Ruby on Rails app ??

    or any documented links which helps me to inetegrate it.


  • JP

    Hello, I’m using Grails 2.0.4 … having a hard time getting fullcalendar 1.5.3 plugin to install. I include it in the buildconfig.groovy:
    runtime “:fullcalendar:1.5.3”

    run i run the app i get the following:
    | Downloading:
    | Environment set to development…..
    | Packaging Grails application
    | Error Zip is not a valid plugin

  • Hey everybody,

    I’m new at coding javascript and I need help.
    In the documentation I find functions like ‘eventDrop’.
    Can I display, like with “alert(‘value of variable’);” what the function get or what it returns?
    I need to expand the calender to write to an database.
    Hoping for answers.

  • Hi,

    It is now possible to use FullCalendar in C# using SharpKit – C# to JavaScript converter 🙂
    Documentation and SDK here:

  • gkp

    Hi Adam,
    Is there any option to show the current time in red line, as in google and apple calendars.

    • I like this full calendar now released. I guess everything seems to be doing alright and now everything will make sense.

  • Great news Adam! I was eagerly waiting for this version and it looks really nice. The new added feature “day Click” seems interesting. Totally a refined version.

  • Harinder Maan

    hey Adam
    it’s really very good calender plugin and it’s save my lots of time for that i want to say you Thanks alot.
    Now i want to ask 1 thing that i want to load calender on click next month same like when page load calender load but when i click on next button it change value but not load calender.
    if you have any solution plz give me my mail id is

  • Ahmed

    Hi Adam,

    Great calendar plugin. Can you tell me if there is a way to disable the dragging and editing options? I just want to use the calendar for information viewing only. Thanks

  • Adam, thank you for keeping us updated with the bugfixes. Keep it going.

  • How about an agenda view for this calendar of yours? It’s already awesome and it can be more amazing and very useful if you can put this on this calendar!

  • Nice post. I was facing issue to fix this. Thanks for sharing.

  • thankyou i have downloaded this calendar.

  • SEO

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  • I have tried the calendar and it works perfectly fine! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Thank you so much for the post you do. I like your post especially this one when you have the update for the Calendar! Cool! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thanks for this bugfix release to fix issue 1168! This is also my problem for a long time now with FullCalendar!