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  • Nice work! It is a great application/library. The documentation is awesome and it was very easy to create a full calendar system with it.

    Here is my application with it built in:

  • Hi Adam,
    Awesome plugin! Appreciate the work. I want to know if there mobile support available for this plugin. I tried using the jquery touch punch plugin. It helped to make the drag and drop work on mobile device but the ‘select’ method does not work when I select multiple days (range of days) on the month view of the calendar. Also, down the line you may think of adding the ability to allow user to add clickable icons on the events which could also be dragged and dropped on the events. I have achieved this and here is the JsFiddle for the same

  • stahlmanDesign

    Excellent library with extensive documentation and good samples. Thank you! Here’s what I made with it. Data comes from parsing Google Spreadsheet into JSON:

  • yanbab

    Tanks for the quick fix ! and the great plugin btw

  • Benjamin

    Adam, Thanks for your awesome work from Chile, really apreciate it. Im developing my University grade proyect and used it, you will be definitely on the credits! I would donate now but im a broke student :D, I promise I will in the future!

  • Sushma

    I have a question regarding is there any restriction of the numbers of events we can show on the calendar.

  • Sushma

    Is there any limitation on the number of the events shown on one day in the calendar?

  • Hi Adam,
    Wondering whether you are developing something that supports mobiles too. Escpecially something works with jQuery Mobile. That’d be so awesome. Thanks for the gr8 work.

  • Sam

    Hello, I am Thai. There is a big problem in Thai date that difference from any date. Today, Thai year is 2555 but general is 2012. It means Thai year = general year number(2012) + 543. What should I do for solving this problem? Thank you so much.

  • javad

    hi nice plugin
    i have question. can i change gregorian calendar to another calendar like hijri or shamsi calandar

  • Jeff

    This calendar is the cat’s pajamas! I’m really impressed not only with the way it works, but also the documentation. Fantastic job!

  • Dave Mednick

    Adam, fullCalendar is a fantastic and super-useful util!! I’ve been searching for the perfect way to leverage a working calendar into my jQuery UI – intensive application and fC is the cherry on top! I would ask just one thing, could you consolidate the documentation and make it downloadable?

    • Michael

      I second the downloadable documentation request.

  • Stepan Novak

    In new version fullcalendar started escaping tags. I’m using things like span, br, styles. It’ll be good some function how to disable it. Anyway very good work with new version for jQuery 1.8.x. Txh.

  • Srikrishna


    Just wanted to know is there any plans to give support for multiple months view?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Michael

    Well done! Saved me a lot of time.

  • Vitaliy Zurian

    Thank you for your great work! 🙂

  • Giorgi

    Will there be a addon/fix that will add limit to the events on Month view. If i have 1500 events in 1 month the table gets very laggy. Please if possible add this feature or suggest a way to fix it. I tried PHP side but didnt work.

  • Ahmed

    Hi, i’ve installed fullcalendar and it works well. However, I have multiple events in different categories which i would like to make different colors. The current config of fullcalendar seems to only allow eventColor defination for an entire calendar.

    Is there any way to dynamically define the color of each event?

    • Ahmed

      Just figured it out.

      Instead of defining eventColor outside the events: [ ] configuration, you can put color: ‘#378006’, above the title of each event. for example:

      color: ‘#378006’,
      title: ‘Lunch’,
      start: new Date(y, m, d, 12, 0),
      end: new Date(y, m, d, 14, 0),
      allDay: false

  • I’ve been following this project for a couple years now and I’m curious as to whether or not its being actively worked on still. The last few updates have simply been compatibility fixes for jQuery. FullCalendar is really great and I’d love to see more come of it.

  • Brandon

    Are there any plans to develop an ‘Agenda’ or ‘List’ view which displays upcoming events in a list. For example the ‘Agenda View’ which is featured in the Google Embed of a public calendar.


    • I’d love to see this!

  • kvic

    awesome!!!! you solved my project.
    Excelent documentation and easy to customize.