FullCalendar News

I haven’t blogged in a while, but don’t worry, I’ve been hard at work doing FullCalendar-related things! I want to let everyone know about some developments with the project, both major and minor.

New Releases

There have been four releases over the past few months: 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.6.3, and 1.6.4. They provide a variety of bugfixes and improvements to the API. For more information, see the changelog.


  • Reduced open issue tracker ticket count from over 900 to 150
  • Reduced open pull requests count from 68 to 32
  • Much needed improvements to the Support pages
  • Much needed Contribute and License pages
  • Instructions for Bower and CDNJS on the Downloads page
  • New blog and Disqus comment system (no more spam!)


There have been a few fundamental issues with FullCalendar since the beginning of its existence. Dealing with timezones has always been awkward and confusing, along with the way dates are stored. Also, built-in support for other languages and cultures has always been lacking.

I believe it is important to deal with these fundamental issues before moving forward. My proposed solution leverages MomentJS, a very awesome and popular date library. For more information, see my Proposal for a date system overhaul as well as the issues it will solve.

Beyond that, core user-experience issues are top priority, such as displaying too many events and printing problems. Then, more meaty highly-requested UI features such as a new views and background periods can be tackled.

Stay tuned!

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • João Guilherme

    Great news ! I am really looking forward to these updates !

  • Steeve Poirier

    Cool !!!!

  • AdamDocherty

    Thanks for your hardwork!

  • Gavin Williams

    I’m seriously looking forward to the too many events issue being resolved. It’s the only thing we find so frustrating about Full Calendar, there’s literally no work around bar rewriting elements of Full Calendar or modifying our API which isn’t really an option…

  • Yaneth Lulu Lupe

    Como puedo hacer que la semana empieze el Lunes y no Domingo??

    • Robert Jurado

      firstDay 1.3

      The day that each week begins.

      Integer, default: 0 (Sunday)

      The value must be a number that represents the day of the week.

      Sunday=0, Monday=1, Tuesday=2, etc.

      This option is useful for UK users who need the week to start on Monday (1).

  • P.

    Hi Adam,

    Tnx for the roadmap update, appreciate it.

    One question about the “new views” comment: We’re currently trying to integrate a few branches of fullCalendar that have added extra views into one fullCalendar version, but it seems that in order to add these extra views the developers who made them had to change code in the core of fullCalendar and not just add an extra view in a separate .js file.

    While looking at this, I saw issue 380 on the Google Code site (https://code.google.com/p/fullcalendar/issues/detail?id=380) in which you mentioned a plugin architecture to be shipped with version 1.5.

    Did this plugin architecture ever materialized (and thus the creators of the extra views in branches went about it the wrong way) or was the architecture never implemented?

    If it was implemented, is there any info available on how to properly create extra views?

    And if it was not implemented, is it your intention with the “new views” comment in the blogpost to do that now, or just add some extra views to the fullCalendar distribution?

    Hope you can shed some light on this, as we need to decide how to proceed. I rather spend our time somehow helping you out getting a structural solution in place than trying to merge existing branches and have to redo a lot of stuff with each new release of fullCalendar.


    • This exists, but is not documented. The standard views utilize this, and if you look at the source code for them you can get an idea of how it works.

  • Wybo Wiersma

    Awesome! Great calendar tool. We will be using (a slightly modded version of) fullcalendar at the Oxford Union: http://www.oxford-union.org/termcard

  • Guest


    I’m using Play! 2.2 and trying to open it notes:
    ” unresolved dependencies org.scala-sbt#sbt;0.11.3: not found ”

    Any hint on how to alleviate?

  • Keith Leng

    Greetings from Singapore, just wondering if this calendar can retrieve data from mysql database and display the information? Undergraduate student here trying to learn how to use this…:)

    • Aljie

      Yes, i’m already using this calendar and it can add, edit, delete or update data in my database just by drag and dropping the events title.

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  • Robert Jurado

    I am new with this component. I want to implement this calendar with MVC. How do I add an event at run time?

  • Mo

    hi want to say well done for the work, really great idea.
    Just wanted to ask has any1 got the feature to remove an event on the drag and drop version, same way you can add i would like to remove.
    if any1 can help that would be great

  • Sadeesh kumar

    Hi Arshaw,
    First of all thanks for this awesome calendar.

    we need an update for Yii framework efullcalendar extension


    We need recent update for this.

    I am eagerly waiting for this.


  • Kontos Harry

    First of all thanks for this awesome calendar.
    Q: How add a dropdown filter?
    I have a value allDay: “false” with time start, end in one day .
    But see in allday cell data…why?

  • Arun Singh

    i am using this calendar and i need to add year before month, week and days

    please help

  • Guest


  • João Guilherme

    Hi Adam ! Any news about these great updates ? Thanks for all your work on this.

  • Joe Privett

    Do you have plans to make it responsive?

  • Thiru Pattipaka

    I am using this full calendar in salesforce for showing all closed won opportunities based on created date.
    I want to redirect to particular opportunity when i click on calendar on that day?
    How it is possible, any suggestion pls???

  • Thiru Pattipaka

    Also I am unable to get background colors for each opportunity present on full calendar??

  • Karttin

    Hello Arshaw,

    Is there any plans for mobile – touch events support?.

    Kind Regards