FullCalendar v2beta and how you can help

I have just released a second iteration of v2 beta. I’m calling it v2.0.0-beta2.

v2 contains many new improvements, notably MomentJS integration, timezone support, and built-in internationalization. It is important to note that it is a non-backwards-compatible release.

The code is feature-complete but sorely in need of automated tests. In previous releases I have manually tested most features. That technique won’t scale up for this release because so much has changed. And it is obviously good for future development in general to have automated tests.

We have a Karma + Jasmine setup going with a few tests written. The goal is to have all new features, or existing features that have changed or been affected in some way, to be under test. Only when this happens will we be able to release v2.

If you would like to help out the FullCalendar project by writing automated tests, please contact me! I’ll get you set up with all the resources you’ll need.

Additionally, simply downloading and using the new beta release is also helpful. Please use the existing bug report instructions, but prepend “[v2]” to the issue name.

Thanks! ~Adam

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Pasquale Pellicani

    Hi Adam I love this plugin, I’ve a question, I could use a calendar with a whole month represented the axis of the x-axis and the Y-axis the list of users, manage events for each user is possible?

    • Diogo Domanski de Souza

      Same demand

    • Sebastien Briquet

      Hi, ResourceView may be what you want
      It has unfortunately not been merged yet…

      • Pasquale Pellicani

        This is a great news, plz update me when merge all 😉

        • Sebastien Briquet

          The best is that you subscribe to the thread (the button under “notification” on the right side) 🙂

  • Sjors van Dongen

    Thanks for the MomentJS support this was making this plugin complete! When is 2.0 coming to bower?

  • Amit Singh Baghel

    i salute u buddy.a million thanks.no words for this happiness.i love you..

  • Supun Maduranga

    Thank you very much for your community support!!. Keep the good works up.. You rock mate..

  • ASM

    Can i use “more+” functionality within this FullCalendar? if Yes so please suggest me how?

  • Supun Maduranga

    You rock Shaw!

  • Michael Humphreys

    Just a thought for “events as a function”. In v2.0, you added a 4th parameter, timezone, to the function callback. You used to have “function(start,end,callback)” in 1.6.4 but now you have “function(start,end,TIMEZONE,callback)”, which will break all previous instances in an upgrade unnecessarily (you’re not changing functionality). Would it make sense to change 2.0 event function to “function(start,end,callback,TIMEZONE)” for backwards compatibility? Otherwise, nice update.

  • Really excited for the timezone support! I’ve had a lot of trouble to date trying to make timezones work but this update will make it super easy! You rock!

  • melo

    Sir, how can i use this plugin on glpi?

  • Jens von Bergmann

    Great work! Any chance that ‘background events’ will make it into this version? https://github.com/arshaw/fullcalendar/pull/120

  • Sunil Gautam

    View more events function does not support with fullcalendar. If we implement it any how it sows multiple view buttons and in the view more popup it shows repeated events. please suggest me how to implement it so that it can run successfully.

  • And add a option to store in a cookie the view? To load the last selected view (month, week, day…)

  • George Barcun

    Hi there,

    it would be really great if you could add AGENDA VIEW as an option next to month / week/day.

  • xzzuo


  • Philipp

    Please support the schools by integrating timeslots:

  • SomeDude

    Do you by chance have an example that shows how to use “lazyFetching” to fetch data. It doesn’t tell you what event it’s going to call when it needs to get data again, do you use an event source? If so does it always work one month at a time, ie, if you fetch all of Feb and switch to day view does it call some event when the user hits March 1st?

    We’re using Beta two in a production app, all is well, I can use the calendar perfectly, just need to know how to work one month at a time.

  • Mohammad Asim

    Hi Shaw,

    We are currently evaluating full calendar library to use in one of our project and it is very GOOD indeed. We saw that you used instead of for drawing calendar. Was there is any special reason for doing this? Can we modify it easily for ? The reason is to create a list type css for Mobile version (similar to list view of iPhone). Awaiting your feedback. Thanks

  • Mohammad Asim

    * I mean to say ” … used TABLE tag instead of DIV tag…”. The *Disqus* removed it… 🙂

  • el mono

    BUG: First day of week not displayed
    When defaultView is set to agendaWeek and skipping between weeks, without having the full month loaded, the first day of the week will not be shown. In my case Mondays will not be seen, since I start my week with Mondays.
    But anyways, awesome tool Adam!

  • jasminehardy349837

    How can I change the colour of the month names :)?

  • adarsh

    which part the dates are printed?

  • Amelia Novais

    If anybody needs PT-BR translation, let me know… I have it 100%.
    Se alguém precisar versão PT-BR me mande um oi… Está funcionando 100%.

  • gc2

    Any idea when Version 2 will be considered a stable release

  • Philipp Frenzel

    Hi Adam, I’ve written an extension based upon version 1.6.3 for the yii2 php framework… And it looks like some other people are using it too 🙂 So they asked me, if I plan to make an update to your latest dev-version… I just decided to ask you, if you think it makes sense to “update” to the latest version of your great calendar plugin?

  • Vinay Desai

    Can anyone help me for View more functionality of limit events?

  • David

    When the property Allday default = false or reading of
    data base Allday and treat the “eventRender” event, nothing is

    The “compileSlotSegs” fullcalendar.js
    function has an error in the “colSegs” object.

    The “colSegs’ object has no data.

    This happens in version 2.0.0-beta2.

    In version 1.6.4 works correctly.

    Does anyone know why or have a solution?


  • Kevin McCaughey

    Can I make a radical suggestion to improve uptake (and make this rightly the best Calendar of them all)? Allow it to be the other way round on the xy axis, i.e. Hours at the top, days at the side, with the hours scrolable.

    Hats off to you my friend for implementing properly something so useful that I have been waiting for for a long time. I was about to try and (badly) write my own. I am a Rails developer, so would probably have made a real hash of it 😉

    I am going to use this in production, one way or another, in a Rails project I am working on. Off to download beta 2 and see how it goes! Thanks again!

  • Andy

    Re: the ‘eventDrop’ callback in v2beta – what is the best way to retrieve or calculate ‘dayDelta’ and ‘minuteDelta’ values?? I need this to drag/drop/resize recurring events!!

  • kevin

    How to get the calEvent in the dayClick???

  • tragic

    hi. how can i delete the events posted in the boxes? thanks to this calendar tho. <3

  • brurce abraham

    Hi Adam, i love this plugin, I’ve a question, and $(‘##calendar’).fullCalendar. div id not modified name ‘calendartraining’ or ‘calendartemp’ or …..? because crash in my framework. regards.

  • nullexeption@gmail.com

    i couldnt find a way to remove a event from calendar :S if there is please help me ?

  • Taleeb Ahmad

    Just like events controller in this plugin i want to add tasks controller in this plugin.So that on calendar tasks related data should be there.Any help?

  • adarsh

    I want to open a colorbox or fancybox when i click an event in fullcalendar to display event details.Is it possible?

  • Go Tech Tips

    Its really very amazing. This Full calendar can really serve many purposes


  • Chukwu Ifeanyi


    duplicates all my events . when i decided to investigate the problem, i discovered that the method makes 3 ajax calls simultaneous thereby displaying 3 times duplicate of all my events rendered.

  • Chukwu Ifeanyi

    revertFunc(); does not work as expected. I was hoping it was going to reverse my drop/resize event to its original position on the UI. But it doesnt!!!

  • Tahar

    Awesome plugin! This is really an excellent plugin and I highly recommend it! BTW: Donnation is on its way 🙂

  • shortgirl

    Can it create an ics file for an ical process? Google calendar can, right?

  • james

    Hi Adam,

    I am using your calendar app and its beautiful i am facing one issue that when i assign the start and end time it shows me diff time on calendar. is there any way i an see only the that time which i am entering.

  • Tibor Stefan

    Beautiful calendar, but still missing callback functionality on next, prev, today and other navigation buttons (or I didn’t find).

  • jaga mohan das

    how i could implement multi month view using this fullcalender

  • Vishal

    hey!! can I add agenda list view to Fullcalendar 2.2.6? had done it for 1.6.2 and I am in need of doing it on 2.2.6!! please make me know how can I implement it!! the attachments consists of the list view of 1.6.2 Fullcalendar!