FullCalendar 2.0.0 Released

After a ton of work, I’m happy to say that FullCalendar version 2.0.0 has been released. It contains some huge improvements, namely internationalization support, timezone support, and MomentJS integration, which is a new dependency. It is important to note that many of the API changes are backwards-incompatible with 1.x versions.

See a full list of changes

It also comes with a new automated test suite. Tests have been written that cover about half of FullCalendar’s functionality. Automated tests are very important to be able to develop new features and write new code with confidence. Thank you very much to @incre-d, @vidbina, and @sirrocco for the help so far. Any additional help is greatly appreciated. See the Automated Test Readme.

How to get it

See the Downloads page

Update: Both CDNJS and Bower have been updated with the latest version. You might need to run `bower cache clean` if it isn’t showing up (because of a repo switch). Also, in the Bower deliverable, the location of the important JS/CSS has moved to a subdirectory called dist.

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Awesome work! You rock!

  • Maks Gryaznov

    Many thanks from Russia!!

  • Maks Gryaznov

    Sorry for the question, but how i can dynamically change “hiddenDays” ?

  • Alexandre Istratov

    Thanks, awesome news ! I have a question though, wouldn’t it be more lightweight to use a dedicated lib for drag&drop like the great one from http://threedubmedia.com instead of depending on jQuery UI for that ?

  • Jonathan Pasquier

    Fullcalendar is an awesome library and this version 2 rocks!
    I especially like the MomentJS integration.

    Thanks for all your work!

  • Jeff Sorbo

    Any plans to distribute this version through NuGet?

  • Nikos Kritikos

    Nice work !
    What about typescript definitions ?

  • Congrats! Can’t wait to dive in. I’m also a huge Moment JS fan.

  • Many thanks from Japan!!

  • mina

    Hello, I want to use fullcalendar for persian, is there any way to change calendar default gregorian format to Hijri Shamsi ?

  • 村上健太

    Great! Thanks.

  • Mikk Tendermann

    truly awesome project, but can it be more developer friendly. You are using jQuery, but where are triggers?

  • Curious why jQuery >= 2.1 wasn’t used?

  • Seungwoo Lee

    Thanks! you’re doing really great job. We’re using previous version of this calendar. Soon or later we gonna migrate a new version 🙂