FullCalendar 2.1.0 Beta

Version 2.1.0 (now in beta) contains a large internal refactor of the view rendering code. This refactor allowed for a whopping 30 issues to be addressed, most importantly problems with printing and scrolling-related issues for Month and Agenda views. FullCalendar’s HTML/CSS skeleton has changed a lot, but API compatibility with previous version has been maintained.

UPDATE (Aug 19): beta3 has been released which addresses a number of smaller issues. See the changelog.

UPDATE (Aug 4): The maximum number of events feature has been implemented in v2.1.0-beta2. For a breakdown of the new options, follow the links in the beta2 changelog. For a demo, go here.

Dependence upon jQuery UI has been removed. You need longer need it for event dragging, resizing, or anything else. Hacking the library to achieve some of FullCalendar’s complex dragging and dropping behavior became unsustainable, so this functionality is now built-in. Ironically, because of smart code reuse with the refactor, the gzipped FullCalendar JS file size actually went down.

See the changelog for more information, as well as notes about minor backwards-incompatibilities.

Download the release as a ZIP or use Bower to install it via
`bower install fullcalendar#2.1.0-beta1`.

Bug reports and feedback are greatly appreciated. When reporting a bug, please follow the bug report instructions and when entering it on the issue tracker, please prefix the title with the text [skeleton].

I want to achieve full automated test coverage before officially releasing v2.1.0. If you would like to help speed this process along, which would be awesome, please see the Automated Test Readme.


Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • SirOracle

    Nice stuff! Great to see active development on this! Thank you.

  • Łukasz Nowakowski

    problem – when having minTime: ‘7:00:00′ and maxTime: ’21:00:00’ resizing don’t work propertly. it is ‘moved’.

  • StopDropRoll

    dayClick is missing?

    • there were some issue with dayClick related to minTime in beta1, but they are fixed in beta2

  • anasazi

    Does anyone know how to use the fixedWeekCount option?
    Since this i s a beta I can’t find any documentation of it…

  • Henriquex

    ALELUUUUIAAAA Brother 😀 XD Nice now i can complete antoher work task 😛

  • Garima Agrawal

    This is great stuff. Thanks a ton

  • anasazi

    Hi again!
    When using the month view, the dates in the previous and coming month is not “greyed” out like they used to in version 2.0.2.
    Maybe a bug?

  • Bug report: firstDay option is not working.

    • ana

      Idem here … It was working until very recently (literally days ago). The moment.js library complains about lang-locale setting being deprecated: “moment.langData is deprecated” I wonder if it has something to do with this bug

      • there should be no more problems related to this in 2.0.3

    • this is unrelated to the beta and has been fixed in 2.0.3, just released

      • Guest

        Posting screenshot as proof.

    • Any more issues related to this, please use the support page

  • marik_v

    I have a little problem in this version, i’m not shure that is bug version, but in 2.02 it’s working, the problem is with Drag/Drop, in month view mode, initial – Drag/Drop working fine, but after click next/prev month, drop is not working, if i click on right buttons (month,week,day) – it’s working

    • fixed in the latest beta

      • marik_v

        Yeah, yesterday i tested it, thank you very much 🙂

  • biao


  • SyBr

    It’s very nice to see this project so alive and sound! It’s awesome. Congrats for that! Having that said, I’m afraid that with the jQuery UI dependency it may have gone away the jQuery UI Touch Punch hack which I think, managed well to give FC the capability of being usable on touch based devices. Could you point me in the right direction to have this working on this new version? THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Rizal

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  • Raja

    Hi All,

    How to find prev and next button click trigger and pass start,end date.Full calender have internal button click?else need to do custom.