Scheduler Released!

The Scheduler add-on has finally been released! To see demos, docs, and licensing information, go to

A quick refresher: Scheduler is a premium add-on for FullCalendar that provides features related to resources (things like team members or conference rooms). It comes with a new calendar view called Timeline which portrays time left-to-right and resources top-to-bottom. This was a very highly requested feature and it feels good to finally get it done. For more background information, view the feature announcement post.

Pricing and Licensing

There are a number of license options that should accommodate a range of use-cases. For websites that are not considered webapps or SaaS products, you can purchase a Website license. For use in more advance scenarios, Developer licenses are required. All licenses come with a year of email support and upgrades. For more information, visit the pricing page.

Registered non-profit organizations are able to use Scheduler for free. For more information, visit the license page.

It’s Open Source

Scheduler is open source. It is GPL-compatible. Anyone can modify the source code. However, there are restrictions on how one can redistribute modifications as well as what kinds of projects can use GPL’d code. For more information, visit the license page.

What’s left to be done

An alternate type of resource view, which is described in this ticket, has yet to be implemented. This view portrays resources left-to-right and time top-to-bottom, similar to how the agenda views look. This feature is a top priority for Scheduler. To receive updates, please subscribe to this ticket.

Thank you!

This feature has been in the works for a while and I want to thank everyone for being so patient and supportive. Because of this release, the FullCalendar project is stronger than ever.

Oh yeah, FullCalendar v2.4.0

The standard version of FullCalendar has a new release. It contains some pretty highly requested features: the ability to specify the vertical ordering of events, the ability to create custom buttons, and more control over the time-axis text.

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Sakthivakeswaran

    Hai sir, is there any way to rename the resource header in vertical resource view. it is blank in vertical resource view..?

  • mohamed

    it is possible in business hours set in fullcalendar