The Past Year and Roadmap for Q1

The past year was a good year for FullCalendar! Aside from the usual bugfixing, three out of the five top requested features were implemented:

The resource views were particularly time intensive to build. They have been bundled into Scheduler, a premium add-on introduced in 2015 as well.

Scheduler sales of are doing well, and as a result, the health and productivity of the project is better than ever. Thank you to those who purchased licenses!

Q1 Roadmap

The quarter will be sprinkled with a number of bugfix releases, including a soon-to-be-released set of bugfixes for Scheduler.

In addition, accessibility-related features will be addressed early in the quarter:

Afterwards, features considered to be high-impact, low-effort will be tackled:

Then, there will be some general internal refactoring to allow for:

Beyond Q1

The focus of Q2 and beyond will be to bring new views to life (such as list view and year view), as well as introduce fundamentals changes to existing views (such as continuous scrolling of months and drag-n-drop between calendar).

Thank you for your continued support of the FullCalendar project!

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Anatoly Tarnavsky

    List view and year view will be highly appreciated, thank you for your job!

  • gaspard80

    Great to see this project going forward, thanks for the great job

  • dr_blue

    Awesome, thanks Adam for all your hard work! /from a supporting developer!

  • Nectarios

    Hey guys. I know this is a huge request.. but is there any chance of developing in the near future a 100% Angular version? I mean a version that does not depend on jQuery?

  • Guoming Xu

    Hello guys, I purchased scheduler plugin and applied to our project it works great, but do you have any plan to extend vertical resource view with horizontal scrollable? I’ve digged a bit on github, looks a group of people wanna it.

  • philip

    @arshaw:disqus any estimate about the release dat of a year view? thanks!