Bootstrap Support and Future Developments

FullCalendar 3.5.0 and Scheduler 1.7.0 offers built-in Bootstrap 3 theme support. Include a Bootstrap theme’s stylesheet on your page, set the themeSystem options to 'bootstrap3' and you’re off to the races. Big thanks to @joankaradimov for the bulk of the implementation.

Try out different themes with the new theme browser »

The theme option is now deprecated, but will continue to function. Use themeSystem instead.

We are aware that Bootstrap 4 is in beta. Once a stable version is released, it shouldn’t be hard to make an adapter for FullCalendar.

Performance and other things

Version 3.5.0 provides a 25% performance improvement for event rendering. This is because less internal Moment objects are used while rendering. Rendering performance will continue to improve in future versions.

There are also a number of bugfixes in 3.5.0. See the full changelog »

What the future brings

Some of you may have noticed that in the past few months, there has been a lot of activity on Github, but sadly, features are not being rapidly pumped out. This is because FullCalendar (and Scheduler) are undergoing some long-overdue refactoring. The technical debt accumulated over the course of the project’s 8 year lifespan has slowed the development of new features. This next round of changes will be released as a backwards-compatible 3.6.0 and will provide a solid base for future features.

Examples of features that will be much easier to implement:

After 3.6.0 is released, many of the above features will be tackled. Then, we will start gearing up for 4.0.0, which will be a backwards-incompatible release that will include:

  • removal of jQuery as a dependency
  • better timezone handling
  • selective feature loading via ES6 modules
  • reworked settings, callback signatures, and exposed models

Please comment if you have feedback!

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Evan Gillogley

    It’s definitely faster, but this update broke a lot of my functionality and the scroll of resource view and time area in the scheduler are not in sync anymore – making the UI very glitchy – Let know if you’d like me to file an issue.

    • Others have mentioned that bug but I’ve never been able to nail down a recreation. It’s been reported for prior versions, so it might not be related to this release. Yes please post a report, as detailed as you can. I’d like to get it fixed:

      • Evan Gillogley

        Will do when I get time hopefully in the next week – would really like that 25% increase 🙂

    • Which question: are you only seeing this on a touch device (ipad/iphone/tablet)?

  • Allan Alvarez Ortiz

    Can’t wait for 4.0.0. That jQuery removal and the ES6 modules will bring even more than 25% performance improvement.

  • 21Junipers

    Refactoring the base for implementation of recurring events is fantastic news! I’ve been putting off addressing recurring events in more that one app for some time. If I had the expertise to help I would. Would it be reasonable to assume that recurring event support is at least a year away, or can I think more optimistically? What? No crystal ball? 🙂

    • Worst case it’s 6 months away 🙂

      • 21Junipers

        Back from vacation – you are making my day. I don’t want to distract from the real work of providing functionality, etc., but is there a discussion on-line somewhere re: the use cases the recurring implementation will address? Will it use moment.js/moment-recur? As I am now in design stages for a project, interested in what will need to be stored in the DB to support recurr.

        Any details that you might be able to offer or point me to (now or later when available) would be appreciated!

        Thanks again for addressing this issue.

      • 21Junipers

        Thanks for a great tool. Nice progress with docs and BS4, etc. I’m working on how to use issue tracking effectively, but prior me achieving any success, is there any update at all with regard to recurring events?

  • Looking forward to v4!

    I’m hoping there will be officially maintained Vue, react and angular wrappers available in the future (with Scheduler support).

  • Markus Andreas

    Bootstrap 4 is ready! Any plans on the adapter?