FullCalendar 3.3.0 and Scheduler 1.6.0

The latest releases of FullCalendar and Scheduler gives drastically more control over which dates are displayed within a view as well as which dates the user can interact with.

The most notable features:

  • visibleRange – programmatic control over a view’s date range
  • validRange – restrict the user from interacting with certain dates
  • showNonCurrentDates – enables/disables render of dates outside the current month

And much more! These improvements are available in the core views as well as Scheduler’s timeline and vertical resource views:

Docs Page

These new features have been fully document on the docs page. By the way, have you seen the docs page recently? It’s a massive list of settings that is growing out of control. Next mini-project: tame this into something that’s much more navigable, especially for those new to the FullCalendar project.

Suggestions on how to restructure the docs are more than welcome!


Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Padmanaban Venkatakrishnan

    I am working on a Web Application which uses FullCalendar 2.0.2. We need to upgrade this to 3.2.0 while keeping the old version also. We would like to show the old one for some clients and 3.2.0 for some others. Is this possible with your FullCalendar library and how would I achieve this? Please help. Thanks.

  • Bhavik Jadav (jadz)

    Greeting Team FullCalendar, I was wondering whether I’m able to customize the date range for month view or not? Going more deeper, currently in month view, there is a fixed layout in grid, like starting from 1st of month and ending at 28, 29, 30 or 31. Now my question is can I customize this date-range, like I want the UI like month view but start date and end date should be according to my input. Appreciate your help in a greater way. Thanks.

  • Maria Viviani


    Hello, how can I translate the view buttons? month/week/day? And “Today”button before date? Thanks