Bootstrap Support and Future Developments

FullCalendar 3.5.0 and Scheduler 1.7.0 offers built-in Bootstrap 3 theme support. Include a Bootstrap theme’s stylesheet on your page, set the themeSystem options to 'bootstrap3' and you’re off to the races. Big thanks to @joankaradimov for the bulk of the implementation.

Try out different themes with the new theme browser »

The theme option is now deprecated, but will continue to function. Use themeSystem instead.

We are aware that Bootstrap 4 is in beta. Once a stable version is released, it shouldn’t be hard to make an adapter for FullCalendar.

Performance and other things

Version 3.5.0 provides a 25% performance improvement for event rendering. This is because less internal Moment objects are used while rendering. Rendering performance will continue to improve in future versions.

There are also a number of bugfixes in 3.5.0. See the full changelog »

What the future brings

Some of you may have noticed that in the past few months, there has been a lot of activity on Github, but sadly, features are not being rapidly pumped out. This is because FullCalendar (and Scheduler) are undergoing some long-overdue refactoring. The technical debt accumulated over the course of the project’s 8 year lifespan has slowed the development of new features. This next round of changes will be released as a backwards-compatible 3.6.0 and will provide a solid base for future features.

Examples of features that will be much easier to implement:

After 3.6.0 is released, many of the above features will be tackled. Then, we will start gearing up for 4.0.0, which will be a backwards-incompatible release that will include:

  • removal of jQuery as a dependency
  • better timezone handling
  • selective feature loading via ES6 modules
  • reworked settings, callback signatures, and exposed models

Please comment if you have feedback!

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Evan Gillogley

    It’s definitely faster, but this update broke a lot of my functionality and the scroll of resource view and time area in the scheduler are not in sync anymore – making the UI very glitchy – Let know if you’d like me to file an issue.

    • Others have mentioned that bug but I’ve never been able to nail down a recreation. It’s been reported for prior versions, so it might not be related to this release. Yes please post a report, as detailed as you can. I’d like to get it fixed:

      • Evan Gillogley

        Will do when I get time hopefully in the next week – would really like that 25% increase 🙂

    • Which question: are you only seeing this on a touch device (ipad/iphone/tablet)?

  • Allan Alvarez Ortiz

    Can’t wait for 4.0.0. That jQuery removal and the ES6 modules will bring even more than 25% performance improvement.