V4 Beta Release

The FullCalendar v4 beta has just been released. It contains almost exactly the same API as the previous alpha version except for one big thing: all functionality is broken up into plugins. There is a core package, but it won’t do anything on its own. You must load plugins for everything, including each type of view.

View the list of plugins »

Each plugin has its own NPM package. Many of the views have been renamed to be more consistent with the package names they come from:

  • agenda view has been renamed to timeGrid (timeGridWeek, timeGridDay)
  • basic view has been renamed to dayGrid (dayGridWeek, dayGridDay)
  • month view has been renamed to dayGridMonth
  • timeline view has been renamed to resourceTimeline (resourceTimelineWeek, etc)

Also, it’s important to note that date clicking, date selecting, event drag-n-drop, and event resizing require the interaction plugin.

In addition, Bootstrap 3 theme support and jQuery UI theme support have both been dropped. And there are some minor setting renames. Also, superagent has been dropped as a dependency for JSON feed requests, which was introduced in a previous alpha.

For more info, see the changelog, the updated upgrade guide, or the updated docs.

Because FullCalendar has been broken up into plugins, it’s possible to bundle only the functionality you need, saving space. This, combined with the shedding of jQuery and Moment as dependencies, has drastically reduced the total filesize of a simplest-case app. For example, if all you want to do is display a read-only month-view calendar, you would bundle the following packages:

@fullcalendar/core + @fullcalendar/daygrid
= 43k (minified and gzipped)

Whereas before you needed to bundle much more:

fullcalendar + jquery + moment
= 101k (minified and gzipped)

The size of the required JS is less than half!

For getting your hands on this beta release, it is recommended you follow the guide for using an ES6 build system. If you would prefer to download a ZIP file and use script tags and browser globals, download these:

While pluginifying FullCalendar, one aspect that has not yet been quite nailed down is how to deliver the CSS/SCSS. If you have experience with this matter, please chime in on the GitHub Issue »

Please give this beta release a try! Report any bugs you find »

If this beta release goes as smoothly as the previous alpha releases, the final release of 4.0.0 should be March 15th.

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Francesco

    Hi, i can’t understand how to use month view in resources, there is another plugin?

    • it’s resourceDayGridMonth view and it’s in the resource-daygrid plugin

  • Pedro Luis Fernandez Gavilan

    Could you provide a debugging template for the v4.0.0-alpha.4 version?
    I want to report a bug in that version, but I’m not able to configure the full calendar :

  • Very impressed by the amount of work here. Definitively see a user case for implementing a basic read-only FullCalendar with minimal plugins. Would require some effort to upgrade the big implementation I have today but always worth it to be on the bleeding edge (famous last words). And this structure would make it easier to extend FC with new plugins.

  • John Hoekstra

    Can you provide a demo on how to set the scheduler license key in new version. When I try and set during calendar construction it complains with the following message

    Object literal may only specify known properties, and ‘schedulerLicenseKey’ does not exist in type ‘OptionsInput’.

  • Madhuri Patil

    When we can expect the release of Fullcalendar version 4? Can we implement the fullCalendar version 4 in the projects?

  • Helene Shaikh

    Great work on this new version of FullCalendar, congratulations! And the language support is really amazing too.

  • Benny Adam

    Hey there, that indeed sounds very promising and let me generally thank you for the great work. Now I’m just curious – will there be a release 4.0.0 during the day indeed? 🙂

  • Madhuri Patil

    Hey there,
    Dateclick and event drop is not firing sometime but Eventclick is working fine. I’m implementing in react, once i do changes component is not rendering.
    Please help me out.

      • Madhuri Patil

        I have included interaction plugin already.
        Is there any way to show only title of the event instead of all the innerText on external drag and drop of events?

      • Madhuri Patil

        I have included interaction plugin already.
        Is there any way to show only title of the event instead of all the innerText on external drag and drop of events? and
        How can we remove events from calendar to list using external drag and drop of events? Please help me out on this.