V4 Officially Released

A year after the project first began, version 4 is finally released. A tremendous amount of work went into it. To summarize the advancements over v3:

  • jQuery has been removed
  • Moment has been removed and time zones have been rethought
  • The API is more modern
  • Functionality is broken into lightweight plugins
  • Plugins have been added for recurring events, Moment, and Luxon
  • Touch interactions and scrolling work better
  • Lots of internal refactoring that has already made development much faster

Visit the V4 Release Notes and Upgrade Guide »

And the icing on the cake, the toolbar and event styling has been updated:

Anyway, I’m tired of writing blog posts about v4, so I’ll end it here. I want to thank all those who beta tested and submitted bug reports and PRs. It was incredibly helpful!

Visit the V4 Release Notes and Upgrade Guide »

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Thank You for all Your work. Great tool!!

  • John Hoekstra

    Thank you for all your efforts and providing such an Great tool!

  • Max

    Thank you so much! We have been using your product for a while. It was pretty and easy to use. Glad you have moved to v4 which we were using v4-beta! Not sure how much efforts we need to migrate from beta to official v4. 🙂

    • Thanks! There should be no work required to upgrade from beta->final, unless you did a lot of CSS customization

      • I am not using v4 beta im using v3 – there should be a quick migration guide so we know whats been removed

  • OK, this looks cool but how about a migration doc from v3 to v4??? – i get frustrated when services like this change the core functionality to “improve” things but dont provide a changelog/migration document!

    • That’s what that big link in the middle of the blog post is for. I’ve changed the text of the link to include the text “Upgrade Guide”. Thanks.

      • I did see that, but it really does not detail exactly how to migrate to v4. For relatively inexperienced users of this, it might prove a bit tricky. Im sure a lot of ppl would agree

        • It really does. If you scroll down, you’ll see lots of lists and tables that explain behavior changes of each individual setting, and how to upgrade. There are a lot of changes, I know, and it may seem overwhelming. It requires that your devs have a good understanding of v3 before upgrading. If you lack the bandwidth or experience, it might be best to stick with v3.

      • All in all mind – i think fullcalendar is awesome.

  • George Georgiev

    Please make the 24 hours work in v4 !

    • I commented on your ticket in GitHub

  • Gianni Liburdi

    Thank you!