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In dayGrid view, the max number of stacked event levels within a given day. This includes the +more link if present. The rest will show up in a popover.

Boolean, Integer. default: false

For timeGrid and timeline views, see eventMaxStack.

When there are too many events, a link that looks like “+2 more” is displayed. The exact action that happens when the user clicks the link is determined by moreLinkClick.

A value of false (the default) will display all events as-is.

A value of true will limit the number of events to the height of the day cell. View a live demo.

An integer value will limit the events to a specific number of rows.

For the all-day section in the TimeGrid views, a value of true will limit the number of events to 5. To fine-tune this, use View-Specific Options like this:

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  dayMaxEventRows: true, // for all non-TimeGrid views
  views: {
    timeGrid: {
      dayMaxEventRows: 6 // adjust to 6 only for timeGridWeek/timeGridDay