Triggered while an event is being rendered. A hook for modifying its DOM.

function( event, element, view ) { }

event is the Event Object that is attempting to be rendered.

element is a newly created jQuery element that will be used for rendering. It has already been populated with the correct time/title text.

The eventRender callback function can modify element. For example, it can change its appearance via jQuery’s .css().

The function can also return a brand new element that will be used for rendering instead. For all-day background events, you must be sure to return a <td>.

The function can also return false to completely cancel the rendering of the event.

eventRender is a great way to attach other jQuery plugins to event elements, such as a qTip tooltip effect:

  events: [
      title: 'My Event',
      start: '2010-01-01',
      description: 'This is a cool event'
    // more events here
  eventRender: function(event, element) {
      content: event.description

Note that description is a non-standard Event Object field, which is allowed.