eventResourceEditable 1.4.0

Determines whether the user can drag events between resources.


The default value is inherited from the master editable flag, which is false by default.

A variation of this property called resourceEditable can be set on an Event Object for more granular control:

  defaultView: 'timelineWeek',
  resources: [
    // resource data...
  editable: true, // event resources editable by default
  events: [
    // event data...
      title: 'my event',
      start: '2016-01-01',
      resourceEditable: false // resource not editable for this event

A similar technique can be used on Event Source Objects.

Preventing date changes, but allowing resource changes

If you’d like to allow the user to drag-n-drop an event to a different resource, you can set the master editable flag to false, but override it specifically for event resources:

  defaultView: 'timeline',
  editable: false, // don't allow event dragging
  eventResourceEditable: true // except for between resources

  // resource and event data...