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Timeline View

customizing the duration
To control the length of time the view displays, you can use one of the stock timeline views:
event drag-n-drop
Timeline view supports the following two options for event drag-n-drop:
Timeline view supports the following two options for range selection:
Determines the width of the area that contains the list of resources.
The text that will appear above the list of resources.
Turns the resource area from a plain list of titles into a grid of data.
Determines how wide each of the vertical slots will be. Specified as a number of pixels.
The length of time each vertical line of the timeline represents. Without this option, a reasonable value will be automatically computed based on the view's total duration.
Date formatting string(s) that determine the text in the header labels above the vertical slots. One string can be given for creating a single header row, or an array of strings can be given to create multiple tiers of header rows.
Determines how often a header label cell is placed above the vertical slots of the timeline.
The time interval at which a dragged event will snap to the vertical lines of the timeline.
minTime / maxTime
When slotDuration is an hour or less, minTime and maxTime will limit the time displayed for each day in timeline view.
When slotDuration is an hour or less, determines the initial horizontal scroll of the timeline view.
dayClick (callback)
This callback gets called when the user clicks on a date within a resource.