Resource Render Hooks

Label Hooks

A resource “label” is anywhere the name of a resource is displayed. They exist in the header of vertical resource view and the side section of resource timeline view.

resourceLabelClassNames - a ClassName Input

resourceLabelContent - a Content Injection Input



Lane Hooks

A resource “lane” is an element in resource-timeline view. It runs horizontally across the timeline slots for each resource.

resourceLaneClassNames - a ClassName Input

resourceLaneContent - a Content Injection Input




When the above hooks are specified as a function in the form function(arg), the arg is an object with the following properties:

  • resource - Resoure Object
  • date - in vertical resource view, if this is a column that lives under a certain date, this will be the Date object
  • el - the label element. only available in resourceLabelDidMount, resourceLabelWillUnmount, resourceLaneDidMount, and resourceLaneWillUnmount