These docs are for an old release. Info on upgrading to v4
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navLinkDayClick 3.0

Determines what happens upon a day heading nav-link click.

view name (string), function

By default, the user is taken to the first day-view that appears in the header.

A string argument can be provided that navigates the user to a specific view.

Also, a function argument can be provided that executes arbitrary code:

  navLinks: true,
  navLinkDayClick: function(date, jsEvent) {
    console.log('day', date.format()); // date is a moment
    console.log('coords', jsEvent.pageX, jsEvent.pageY);

When a custom function is specified, the user will not automatically navigate to any view.

Note about dayClick

When navLinkDayClick fires, the dayClick callback will NOT be fired.