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Determines which icons are displayed in buttons of the header/footer when Bootstrap 4 theming is on.

Object, default:

  close: 'fa-times',
  prev: 'fa-chevron-left',
  next: 'fa-chevron-right',
  prevYear: 'fa-angle-double-left',
  nextYear: 'fa-angle-double-right'

This option only applies to calendars that have themeSystem set to 'bootstrap'. A FontAwesome stylesheet must be loaded before you can use Bootstrap 4 theming or customize the icons. Getting started with FontAwesome.

A hash must be supplied that maps button names (from the header) to icon strings. See a full list of FontAwesome icons.

If a button does not have an entry, it falls back to using buttonText.

If you are using a Bootstrap theme and would prefer not to display any icons and would rather use buttonText instead, you can set the bootstrapFontAwesome option to false.