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Sets the height of the entire calendar, including header and footer.

Integer, Function, "parent", "auto"

By default, this option is unset and the calendar’s height is calculated by aspectRatio.

If an integer is specified, the height of the calendar will be guaranteed to be that exact pixel height. If the contents will not fit within the height, scrollbars will appear.

If a function is specified, this function will be called every time a height update is requested. This function should return a pixel value.

If "parent" is specified, the height of the calendar will match the height of its parent container element. See an example.

If "auto" is specified, the view’s contents will assume a natural height and no scrollbars will be used.

Example usage of height:

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  height: 650


You can dynamically set a calendar’s height after initialization:

calendar.setOption('height', 700);