A Feature-Packed v3.0 and Scheduler v1.4

After being in beta for three weeks, FullCalendar v3 has been released. It implements two very long standing features, and introduces some noteworthy breaking changes. A new version of the premium Scheduler plugin has also been released.

List View

Events can now be displayed in a flat list, grouped by day, with the new “list” views:


Demo | Docs | Ticket

Clickable Day/Week Numbers

Users can now navigate to other days and weeks by clicking links within the calendar:


Demo | Docs | Ticket

Breaking Changes

Compared to the transition between FullCalendar v1 and v2, this transition to v3 should be very easy. There are a few noteworthy breaking changes however:

  • IE8 no longer supported
  • minimum jQuery version raised to 2.0.0
  • minimum Moment version raised to 2.9.0
  • the lang option renamed to locale
  • the lang/*.js files moved to locale/*.js

Other Stuff

  • More control over where a user can drop an event (eventAllow) and select (selectAllow).
  • A new setting for rendering week numbers differently: weekNumbersWithinDays (view demo). Thanks peternowee!
  • The build system has been re-implemented with Gulp, making it much nicer and faster.

See the full Changelog »

Scheduler 1.4.0

The core project’s v3 release is accompanied by a new release of the premium Scheduler plugin. Here are the new features:

See the full Changelog »

Psst... there are separate pages for feature requests, bug reports, and getting help.
  • Tien Vu


  • foxxx8

    Is there any way to add more data or a second link to the list view?

    • Apologies for the delayed response (Disqus notification problems). I hinted in this comment that I might make a more advanced version of list view that would do what you describe, but not sure on the timeframe.

  • Guido Gloor Modjib

    Very cool, huge thanks! I particularly like the list view; would have had to implement one outside FullCalendar otherwise just today.

    A minor suggestion: It took me a while (and digging into your source) to find out how to format list headings (it’s the listDayFormat and listDayAltFormat settings) – adding those to your demo and/or the docs would be tremendous help.

    • Reorganizing the docs to be more discoverable is one of my top priorities!

  • Unnikrishnan Muraleedharan


    I am using v1.6.4 and I am planning to migrate one of the latest version. And I Need to to do this upgrade with minimal code changes in my system. Could you please suggest me a good stable version to update. Thanks in advance.

  • DanialThom

    I fiddled with scheduler last year but couldn’t figure out how to create the custom view i needed. I need a timeline view of 10am to 4am the next day (bar hours). 2 days is kind of clunky. Any way to do that with v3?

    • No setting for that. Using CSS is the best solution.

  • DanialThom

    Is there a way to get the event selection on the timeline to use the front of the event for the selection instead of the middle? When you drag an event over the timeline it’s a big clunky to have the selection use the middle of the object instead of the front. Using the front would be more intuitive

  • Hari Ram

    is there anything like setting a from date and todate so that all the days in between the selected dates will have the events selected??

  • Ahsan Shah

    using scheduler 1.4 licensed , repeting ‘ALLDAY’ events on past all dates every past date..??

  • Ruhul Amin

    I just started an open source project with Fullcalendar, laravel and angularjs. You can check this out here: https://github.com/avastamin/booking_management . Feel free to give me your feedback to improve that project.