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ClassName Inputs

CSS classNames can be injected into FullCalendar’s DOM in various places. They can be provided in the following formats. These examples use eventClassNames from the event render hooks:

a string:

eventClassNames: 'myclassname'

eventClassNames: 'myclassname otherclassname' // multiple separated by spaces

an array of strings (the preferred way):

eventClassNames: [ 'myclassname', 'otherclassname' ]

a function that returns either of the above formats:

eventClassNames: function(arg) {
  if (arg.event.extendedProps.isUrgent) {
    return [ 'urgent' ]
  } else {
    return [ 'normal' ]

Each hook accepts different arguments. For example, eventClassNames accepts a single object argument with a whole bunch of properties.