These docs are for an old release. Info on upgrading to v5


Allows programmatic rendering of a new resource on the calendar after the initial set of resources has already been displayed.

.addResource( resource, [ scrollTo ] )

The resource argument should be an object with raw Resource properties properties. Example:

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  // options

  id: 'e',
  title: 'Room E'

If you would like the new resource to be a child of an existing resource, make sure to set its parentId. This method will return the parsed Resource with methods such as getEvents.

You may also specify an existing parsed Resource if it has previouisly been removed.

The scrollTo argument will scroll the current view to the newly added resource. It is optional and true by default. To disable this behavior, specify false.

View a demo that utilizes addResource.