These docs are for an old release. Info on upgrading to v5

resources (as a JSON feed)

Tells the calendar to fetch the resource list from a remote script. The value can be a string url:

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  resources: '/my-resource-script.php'

The value can also be an object with a url field and other options:

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  resources: {
    url: '/my-resource-script.php',
    method: 'POST'

In addition to url, here are other properties you can include:


'GET' (the default), 'POST', or any other HTTP request type.


An object with other GET/POST parameters that will be included in the request. You can also provide a function that dynamically generates an object.

The remote script must return a JSON array of raw Resource objects.

Fetching based on current date

If refetchResourcesOnNavigate is set to true, the network request will be made with additional parameters: the start/end date of the newly visible window of time, as well as the calendar’s timezone:

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  refetchResourcesOnNavigate: true,
  resources: '/my-resource-script.php'
  // example request: /my-resource-script.php?start=2017-12-01&end=2017-01-12&timezone=UTC

The parameters are similar to the event JSON feed’s parameters.