These docs are for an old release. Info on upgrading to v5
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Getting Started

There are a few different ways to install the FullCalendar library.

Package Manager

FullCalendar is available on NPM or Yarn. You’ll first need to install FullCalendar’s core package as well as any plugins. Example:

npm install --save @fullcalendar/core @fullcalendar/daygrid

To initialize a calendar, read about using an ES6 build system


You can also download the library manually. View all releases

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can initialize a calendar using script tags and browser globals


A number of free CDNs host FullCalendar’s dist files. A clever way to choose a CDN and figure out the URLs of the files you need is to visit the package on Yarn. For example, visit the @fullcalendar/core package. Then, look at the “CDNs” area on the sidebar.

You’ll be manually initializing FullCalendar with script tags and globals, so make sure you’ve included all the necessary files for whatever plugins you choose.

FullCalendar Scheduler

FullCalendar Scheduler is a collection of premium plugins for FullCalendar. Get started with FullCalendar Scheduler