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FullCalendar offers the following packages:

Names for ES6 and Global Functionality / Views Yarn jsDelivr
@fullcalendar/core Offers the Calendar class among other things Yarn JS CSS
@fullcalendar/interaction interaction Required to detect dateClick actions, selectable actions, and event drag-n-drop & resizing.
Not needed for eventClick or eventMouseEnter/eventMouseLeave.
Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/daygrid dayGrid Offers Month and DayGrid views:
dayGridMonth, dayGridWeek, dayGridDay, dayGrid (generic)
@fullcalendar/timegrid timeGrid Offers TimeGrid views:
timeGridWeek, timeGridDay, timeGrid (generic)
@fullcalendar/list list Offers Lists views:
listYear, listMonth, listWeek, listDay, list (generic)
Premium @fullcalendar/timeline timeline Offers Timeline views with no resource support:
timelineYear, timelineMonth, timelineWeek, timelineDay, timeline (generic)
Premium @fullcalendar/resource-common Offers base support for resources. Required for all resource-related plugins. Yarn JS n/a
Premium @fullcalendar/resource-daygrid resourceDayGrid Offers resource-enabled DayGrid views: resourceDayGridMonth, resourceDayGridWeek, resourceDayGridDay, resourceDayGrid (generic) Yarn JS n/a
Premium @fullcalendar/resource-timegrid resourceTimeGrid Offers resource-enabled TimeGrid views: resourceTimeGridWeek, resourceTimeGridDay, resourceTimeGrid (generic) Yarn JS n/a
Premium @fullcalendar/resource-timeline resourceTimeline Offers resource-enabled Timeline views: resourceTimelineYear, resourceTimelineMonth, resourceTimelineWeek, resourceTimelineDay, resourceTimeline (generic) Yarn JS CSS
@fullcalendar/bootstrap bootstrap Offers Bootstrap theming Yarn JS CSS
@fullcalendar/google-calendar googleCalendar For loading events from a public Google Calendar feed Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/rrule rrule For leveraging the RRule library for event recurrence Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/luxon luxon Offers a named-timezone implementation, a formatting string implementation, and utilities for converting to Luxon DateTimes. More info Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/moment moment Offers a formatting string implementation and utilities fo convert to Moment objects. More info Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/moment-timezone momentTimezone Offers a named timezone implementation. More info Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/react Offers a React component. More info Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/vue Offers a Vue component. More info Yarn JS n/a
@fullcalendar/angular Offers an Angular component. More info Yarn JS n/a