These docs are for an old release. Info on upgrading to v5


Determines the ordering of the resource list.


Can be a single Resource property name. The resources will be ordered ascendingly by the value of this property.

If prefixed with a minus sign like '-propertyName', the ordering will be descending.

Compound ordering criteria can be specified as a single string separated by commas.

var calendar = new Calendar(calendarEl, {
  resourceOrder: '-type1,type2',
  resources: [
      id: 'A',
      title: 'Resource A',
      type1: 10,
      type2: 55
      id: 'B',
      title: 'Resource B',
      type1: 12,
      type2: 60
      id: 'C',
      title: 'Resource C',
      type1: 12,
      type2: 50

In the above example, the resources would appear as Resource C, Resource B, Resource A.

If no resourceOrder is given (the default), resources will appear in the order they were specified.