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Called after the calendar’s date range has been initially set or changed in some way and the DOM has been updated.

function( dateInfo )

The calendar’s dates can change any time the user does the following: click the prev/next buttons, change the view, click a navlink. The dates can also change when the current-date is manipulated via the API, such as when gotoDate is called.

datesSet is called after the new date range has been rendered. However, you should avoid relying on this callback to manipulate rendered dates, because some dates might still be in view from the previous render, and you don’t want to “double render” them. It’s much better to rely on hooks that manipulate the rendering of individual dates when they change. See the day header, day cell, or slot render hooks.

Complete list of properties in dateInfo:


A Date for the beginning of the range the calendar needs events for.


A Date for the end of the range the calendar needs events for. Note: This value is exclusive.


An ISO8601 string representation of the start date. Will have a time zone offset according to the calendar’s timeZone like 2018-09-01T12:30:00-05:00.


Just like startStr, but for the end date.


The exact value of the calendar’s timeZone setting.


The current View Object.