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Slot Render Hooks

The horizontal time slots in timegrid view or the vertical datetime slots in timeline view.

Label Hooks

Where the date/time text is displayed.

slotLabelClassNames - a ClassName Input

slotLabelContent - a Content Injection Input



Lane Hooks

The long span of content next to the slot’s date/time text. In timegrid view, this is the horizontal space that passes under all of the days. In timeline view, this is the vertical space that passes through the resources.

slotLaneClassNames - a ClassName Input

slotLaneContent - a Content Injection Input




When the above hooks are specified as a function in the form function(arg), the arg is an object with the following properties:

  • date - Date object
  • text
  • isPast
  • isFuture
  • isToday
  • el - the <td> element. only available in slotLabelDidMount, slotLabelWillUnmount, slotLaneDidMount, and slotLaneWillUnmount
  • level - only for slot labels, and only for timeline view when slotLabelFormat is specified as an array. Indicates which tier of the header is being rendered. 0 is the topmost.