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Day-Cell Render Hooks

Customize the day cells in daygrid and timegrid views with the following options:

dayCellClassNames - a ClassName Input for adding classNames to the <td> cell

dayCellContent - a Content Injection Input. Generated content is inserted inside the inner-most wrapper of the day cell. It does not replace the <td> cell.

dayCellDidMount - called right after the <td> has been added to the DOM

dayCellWillUnmount - called right before the <td> will be removed from the DOM

Timeline View

For customizing the day cells in Timeline view, use the Slot Render Hooks instead. From an API-perspective they are considered “slots,” not “days,” because they can be any duration.


When the above hooks are specified as a function in the form function(arg), the arg is an object with the following properties:

  • date - Date object
  • dayNumberText
  • isPast
  • isFuture
  • isToday
  • isOther
  • resource - if the date cell lives under a specific resource in vertical resource view, this value will be the Resource Object
  • el - the <td> element. only available in dayCellDidMount and dayCellWillUnmount