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Day-Header Render Hooks

Customize the header elements above the day cells in daygrid and timegrid views with the following options. Also, the title elements for each day in list view. For the timeline view, see the slot render hooks.

dayHeaderClassNames - a ClassName Input for adding classNames to the header <th> cell

dayHeaderContent - a Content Injection Input. Generated content is inserted inside the inner-most wrapper of the header cell. It does not replace the <th> cell.

dayHeaderDidMount - called right after the <th> has been added to the DOM

dayHeaderWillUnmount - called right before the <th> will be removed from the DOM


When the above hooks are specified as a function in the form function(arg), the arg is an object with the following properties:

  • date - Date object
  • text
  • isPast
  • isFuture
  • isToday
  • isOther
  • resource - if the date column lives under a specific resource in vertical resource view, this value will be the Resource Object
  • el - the <th> element. only available in dayHeaderDidMount and dayHeaderWillUnmount